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Asymmetric laminate

Verfasst: Fr 1. Feb 2019, 23:27
von mm7
I am trying to estimate sandwich (for windsurfing board). Carbon composite - PVC foam - Glass composite.
As it works only in one direction, it has different laminates on top and bottom.
When I try to calculate break load, eLamX shows error that the calculation may be incorrect due to my laminate is asymmetrical.
Do you have any plans in future to make it possible to calculate asymmetrical laminates?

Also, I cannot find a way to change units to SI, for example. Is it possible?
In many dialogs it is not clear what units to use and what unit of result is. Can it be added?


Re: Asymmetric laminate

Verfasst: Sa 2. Feb 2019, 21:21
von mm7
I've found answers about units. Now I understand.

some things are still unclear.

In Deformation module, Force is pointing upwards and deformation goes upwards too. Where is Layer 1 of laminate on the picture? Is it top side or on bottom?

What "Point Load" means? What is size of a spot where force applied? If it is a dot with zero area, then pressure will be huge?
How to model Surface Load of a limited size, like 50mm x 50mm ?